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Adopt a Cat or Kitten

It is important to us that both you and your adopted cat(s) are happy.

For this reason we have the following straight forward, but important adoption process:

  1. Please check you live in our Catchment Area at the bottom of this page.

  2. Please read and ensure you agree with our Cat Adoption Fee

  3. Please Call Us to discuss on  01243 641409  (Mon-Fri 9-4pm )
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All Cats and Kittens are:

  • Neutered / Spayed
  • Part or Fully Vaccinated
  • Microchipped
  • Health and Dental Checked
  • Up-to-date with Flea and Worm Prevention
  • Covered by a 4 week Pet Plan vet insurance from the date you adopt

Cats Available for Adoption

The following is a list of some of the cats available for adoption. This is just a selection of the animals we have at The Centre and sometimes we do run out of time to keep the site updated. Please follow the process above to ensure you are not disappointed.

Cat of the Month

Animal Image 1


Hi there my name is Ailey I am a gorgeous 10 year old female, I arrived here in May because my previous owners were moving to live on a busy road. When you first meet me I can be a little hissy and shy but I do not mean it I just want lots of love and attention and if you sit with me I will lick you and rub all around you. I'm looking for a more quiet home with older children as I need to become more confident. I hope to find my new forever home very soon.


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Aldo and Yulandi

Well Hello, I’m Yulandi and I’m an 8 year old black girly and this is my friend Aldo who is a 3 year old boy and also black. We came in to the rescue centre on the 30th June because our owners couldn’t afford to keep us anymore. We really want a new home together and are both very friendly, Aldo doesn’t like being here much and so he does hiss at people but just ignore him because he doesn't mean it, he loves a fuss once you start stroking him. We just really want a loving home now so please think about adopting us.

Animal Image 1

Archer and Raffy

Hi there I'm Archer and this is my friend Raffy. I really am a lovely friendly chap once you start to stroke me but you do have to forgive my old pal Raffy as he is very shy and he will sometimes hiss because he is scared but don’t tell him I said that! We were terribly sad when we first arrived as our owner passed away but we do love each other very much and will even squish into a tiny bed together! I do it mostly to help Raffy feel safe but don’t tell him that! We hope we find our forever home soon as we have been here for a while now!

Animal Image 1


Hi there! My names Ashton but all the staff here at the centre call me Muffin as this has been my previous name for the last 11 years! I know I am a very handsome boy and I look great for my age, although I don't have a full set of teeth anymore!! It's my second time at the centre, unfortunately the person that adopted me was moving into a home and couldn't take me. I would love to find my forever quiet home soon with no children. I am a sweet boy who loves strokes and just desperately wants to be loved. So if you have a quiet home and you think I could be the perfect cat for you please do consider me.

Animal Image 1


Hello, let me introduce myself, I'm Bez. I'm an adorable old lady who just wants to be loved. I am 15 years old and have been here at The Centre since June now. I have a few medical issues so I will be on full foster which means I can come and see the vets here at The Centre about anything. I am on a few medications, one of which helps me with my arthritis. I would love to go to a loving, quiet home to live out my senior years.

Animal Image 1

Captain Jack and Simar

Hello there, My name is Captain jack - but you can call me Jack for short! I am the very handsome tabby boy and this is my brother Simar, the very gorgeous ginger boy. We are both 7 and a half years old and we arrived here at the centre on the 6th September 2017 as our previous owner sadly passed away. We are both extremely affectionate boys who love attention and cuddles and if we had the chance we would probably sit on your lap all day long. We are looking to find a forever home together with someone who will give us lots of love and attention! We would prefer a home with older or no children as we would prefer a more relaxed home.

Animal Image 1

Cohen and Alba

Well hello! I’m Cohen the big black and white one and this is my daughter Alba who has more white than black. I am 7 now and Alba is 6 and this is now our second time at the rescue centre, the first time we were brought in was in February 2016 when our family moved abroad and didn’t take us and this time our new owners were moving and couldn’t take us as well! I really am upset about this, I don’t think we did anything wrong and we are both so loving and affectionate; I will even let you tickle my tummy! We would love a new home with a nice garden (we need some exercise) and a loving family who will not leave us behind ever again.

Animal Image 1


Hi, I'm Dabbles, the very beautiful white and torti girl you see before you, I'm 14 years old and have been here at The Centre since the 11th May this year as unfortunately my owner died and although her son took me in and wanted to keep me I didn't like the cat they already had, so they had to bring me here. I'm a very lovely girl, I have a lot of love to give and like to receive lots back as well. I am quite a poorly girl, I have a few health problems but I don't let that worry me and it turns out because of my health issues I get more food which is a bonus for me as I love my food!! Please do consider me as I have been here too long now and I would really love to find my forever home soon.

Animal Image 1


Hi, my name is Figero, aren't I a handsome boy!! Staff say that I have the cutest meow ever, its quite girly but it just makes me even more adoptable! I am super chatty! I love a fuss, but I am quite independent, I'll definitely let you know when I've had enough fuss by giving you a quick nip. I'm not all that keen on being picked up either. For this reason I don't think I should be rehomed with young children. But I would love to find a loving home! I have been here for over 4 months now, not sure why, as I am so handsome! Please do consider me, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

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Jubilee & Jaydon

Hi everyone. My name is Jubilee and I am a gorgeous slightly fluffy 2 year old grey female. I arrived here at The Centre with my 5 year old friend Jaydon on the 23rd April 2017 because our owners were moving house and could not take us with them. So let me tell you about Jaydon he has something called Cerebellum, this means that when he was born the part of his brain that controls motor skills and coordination was underdeveloped. You may see that this affects him by making him a bit wobbly. But he gets on with it fine, his cerebellum is not too bad and it can not get any worse throughout his life. He just sometimes seems a bit jumpy, he’s not great at grooming himself and he can get a little nervous occasionally, but he's a really sweet boy and he does love a nice stroke. Me on the other hand, I am so affectionate and will be all over you for lots of fuss. We would really love to go to a home together as I love my friend and I look out for him. He needs a calm home, not with young children but where we can both get lots of love.

Animal Image 1

Karita and Mister

Hello, my name is Karita and I am a stunning black and white fluffy girl, and this handsome black boy with me is my boyfriend Mister. I was originally here at The Centre in August last year as I had been found living as a stray, I found a new home but unfortunately I managed to escape out the cat flap. I stuck around enough to be fed in the shed though, and whilst I was off wandering I found Mister and fell in love with him and would bring him back to get food with me. Eventually we were both caught and brought back to The Centre and now we are both looking for a new home together. We are a very cute pair and will often be found curled up with each other on the window ledge. We are both quite nervous cats though and are still very wary of you humans, so we would need an understanding new owner who is willing to let us settle into our new home in our own time. We will let you stroke us, we're just not sure we like it yet!! We need a home with no children and a very patient new owner, but we hope we find our forever home soon.

Animal Image 1

KF133-15 and KF134-15

Well hello there!! I'm KF133-15 and this is my sister KF134-15, she’s the fluffy one of the two of us. Please excuse our funny names, we were originally here as kittens in 2015, and this is now our third time back at the rescue centre unfortunately. We are both 2 years old now and really want someone to give us a loving home as we are both sweet loving girls who love to have a fuss made of us and give love back to you. Please give us a chance, we'd love to come home with you.

Animal Image 1

KF272-13 and KF273-13

Well hello there, I am Kf272-13 and this is my sister Kf273-13 and we are both 4 years old. We originally were here at The Centre back in 2013 as kittens (this is why we have kitten numbers) but we were brought back here on the 25th August this year as our owners grandson was allergic to us. We are such lovely girls and still really playful for our age, we love batting our ball about the pen and playing. We love each other very much and like to snuggle in our bed together. You may have noticed that I am wearing a collar, this is because we do both have heart murmurs (it's quite common in cats) and although my sister doesn't have to have any meds for hers, I do mine so I wear the collar so the staff can tell which one of us it is as we do look very similar. I'm really good at taking my meds though and my condition doesn't affect me in my day to day. We are such sweet girls and can't wait to find our forever home together.

Animal Image 1

KF54-17 and KM56-17

Hello everyone! My name is KF54-17. I am the pretty black girl with a little white mustache above my mouth! This is my brother, KM59-17. We were found when we were very young, our mum was a stray in Portsmouth, we were born with no home to go to. Luckily someone managed to find us and bought us here. As a result of being strays in such a crucial part of our development, we are a little un-trusting of humans at the moment. But if you spend enough time with us we may start to play with you, and here's a tip-we love food! If you feel you have the time to spend with us, have a nice quiet home and don't mind us running round and playing in your house, then please come and say hello to us! People overlook us as we are larger kittens and we apparently aren't cute anymore, I personally think i'm just adorable! I mean, who couldn't resist my cute face!

Animal Image 1

KF60-17 and KM59-17

Hi, my name is KF60-17. I am the solid tabby girl, and this is my new brother KM59-17 who is the tabby and white. You see I was found when I was just 8 weeks old as a stray in someone's back garden. They bought me here, but the staff felt that I would be better off with another kitten so I could have some company. My brother and his mum got bought here as someone in the family that was looking after them had allergies. Which is a shame, but I am glad he is here with me! We love each other very much. We are still a little nervous and need a nice quiet home with no young children. Please do consider us.

Animal Image 1


Hello there! My name is Misha and i am a beautiful short haired white girl. I arrived here at the centre on 26th May 2017 as i was fighting with the other cat and i didn't really get on with the children either. I am a really sweet girl who loves to be stroked and made a fuss of but i would really prefer to go to a quiet home with no children and no other cats so i can relax and enjoy the rest of my years. Due to being white it means i am very sensitive to the sun, therefore i will need a new owner who is willing to apply sun cream on my ears everyday when i go outside unless it is raining or thick cloud. If you feel like you could give me the perfect home then please come in and meet me, i would really appreciate your love.

Animal Image 1


Hi everyone. Nice to meet you, my name is Tamako and I am a 7 year old female cat. I have been living at The Centre since 26th June 2017 after I was found as a stray with my newborn kittens. I have looked after my kittens amazingly well and now they have left me to find new homes. I would now love to finally find my forever home. I am a really sweet and gentle girl who loves a good cuddle. I am looking to find a loving family home with calm children as company for me.

Animal Image 1

Tuscany and Sicily

Hello my name is Tuscany and I the 5 year old black and white girl in the picture and this here with me is my friend Sicily and she is a tabby and white 4 year old female. We were both brought here originally to The Centre back in 2016 after our owner was made homeless, we then found a new home but unfortunately we were brought back again in October after we had been struggling to settle in our new home. We are both really lovely girls, we can be a bit nervous to start with but we love having a fuss and a cuddle. We need to go to a home together as we love each other very much and like to snuggle up together. We are looking for a nice quiet calm home with older or no children.

Animal Image 1

Zendari    *** Reserved ***

My name is Zendari and I am 3 year old black female cat. I have been living here at The Centre since the 26th April 2017 after my owner was moving house and couldn't take me. I was pregnant when I arrived but my kittens have now all grown up and found loving homes. I would love to now finally find my forever home. I am a gorgeous friendly girl who loves lots of fuss but I am also very playful but I can sometimes play with my mouth. I do sometimes get a slight problem with my gut but it is lots better now I am happier and I am being weaned off of any medication. The centre will provide any medication I may need as I settle into my new home but it should not cause me any problems in the future. I am a lovely girl that would be happy with older children only and I dont really like other cats.

Catchment Area

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Our catchment area is from Sidlesham out to the following locations:

  • Bognor Regis
  • Chichester
  • Fareham
  • Gosport
  • Hayling Island
  • Midhurst
  • Littlehampton
  • Petersfield
  • Petworth
  • Portsmouth
  • Selsey
  • Worthing

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