The Rescue Centre

  • 51 cat pens in our 6,000 sq ft. rehoming and veterinary centre
  • 30 indoor rabbit and guinea pig pens
  • over 20 outside rabbit runs
  • 7 rabbit compounds

VEL Lodge

Our main building containing staff areas, toilets, kitchen, vet facilities as well as the majority of our cats. 51 large cat pens with windows, underfloor heating and benches for handling the cats, these are different sizes to cater for single cats as well as pairs and groups. A separate ICU area with 6 small pens and a recovery area with 12 small pens used for cats recovering from operations.

Sharon’s Garden

Spacious undercover rabbit pens with their own fibreglass houses and grassy outside areas. These large pens are used all year and more suitable for the larger rabbit breeds and pairs or groups of rabbits.


Secure outdoor grass area used in the summer for our 30 purpose built rabbit arks and 11 guinea pig pens. Pens are moved daily to allow the rabbits and guinea pigs access to fresh grass.

Mother and Baby Unit

Purpose built Mother and baby unit built to house pregnant cats and cats with young kittens. It contains 6 smaller pens used mainly for the safe birthing of kittens and 7 larger pens for mum cats with their kittens. It is self-contained and has its own kitchen and feeding areas.

The Barn

Our barn houses a number of cats, rabbits and guinea pigs and is planned for an upgrade soon to improve facilities, an upgrade soon to improve facilities, including a new kitchen.

Veterinary Centre

We have a fully equipped, on-site veterinary centre that is dedicated, and licensed for, the medical welfare of our animals. As well as a place to treat animals that are unwell, it is used every week to Neuter/Spay, Vaccinate and carry out health checks.

Our Catchment Area