Adopt Guinea Pigs

COVID – 19 Rehoming Procedure

Please do check below for available guinea pigs, if you find something suitable please fill out the online application form specifying the name of the guinea pig (s). If there is nothing suitable at the moment please check back regularly for more available guinea pigs. 

Before you contact us please do read through our COVID Rehoming document carefully by clicking here. 

Please Note: We only rehome guinea pigs in pairs or can bond your guinea pig with one of ours.

It is important to us that both you and your adopted guinea pig(s) are happy.
For this reason we have the following straight forward, but important adoption process:

  1. Please check you live in our Catchment Area at the bottom of this page.
  2. Please read and ensure you agree with our Guinea Pig Adoption Policy
  3. Please read and ensure you agree with our Guinea Pig Adoption Fee
  4. Complete our Online Application Form to get the ball rolling
  5. We’ll then organise a home visit with you
  6. Then you can make an appointment to see the guinea pigs

All Guinea Pigs are:

  • Health and Dental Checked

Guinea Pigs Available for Adoption

The following is a list of some of the guinea pigs available for adoption. This is just a selection of the animals we have at The Centre and sometimes we do run out of time to keep the site updated. Please follow the process above to ensure you are not disappointed.

Guinea Pig of the Month

  • Cavolo Nero & Redbor

    * Indoor pigs currently *
    * To be rehomed as a pair *

    Hi, I’m Cavolo Nero, the handsome black and white piggy and this is my friend Redbor and he is the black and ginger one. We are both boys, 2 years old and we came to The Centre due to a relationship breakup. We are a sweet pair of boys, we are a little wary of new people to start with but are better once we’ve got to know you. We could benefit from some more handling as we are a little scatty and very fast when you are trying to get hold of us but once you have managed to catch us we will sit with you and happily have a little cuddle. We need to be rehomed as indoor pigs currently, but could transition over into living outside once the summer months arrive. We are a typical pair of boy pigs and can be a little annoying to each other and get territorial over our space so we would be better to be rehomed to an experienced guinea pig owner who knows what normal boy pig behaviour is. We also need lots of space so we can get away from each other when we are being annoying and we would prefer to just live on one level as that’s what we are used to.

  • Romesco

    *To bond with a male gp*

    Hey! My name is Romesco, and I am a handsome 7 months old male. I came to The Center in November, as my previous owner had new dogs that didn’t like me. I am a very confident boy, and I spend most of my day standing on my plastic castle staring at the staff. I am also quite vocal and I love to squeak and run around to show my happiness and excitment. I am looking for a home with another male gp to bond with. My new friend will need to be quite chilled out as I have tried to be bonded previously but I get defensive if the other pig is a bit naughty.

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