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  • Yara

    * Priority Rehoming *

    Children: No
    Cats: Maybe
    Dogs: No

    Hello, my name is Yara and I am a stunning 2 year old black girl. I arrived here at the beginning of July 2020 as I had been living as a stray. Having been a stray for a while it seems, it has meant that I am very wary of humans and do not like to be touched by you. I have been here at the centre for 6 months now and the staff here still cannot touch me as I hiss and spit and lunge at them when they try! I have made some progress though and will happily and comfortably sit out on my bedding now instead of hiding away in my scratching post during the day which I used to do. I am also fine with people sitting in my pen with me as long as they don’t attempt to stroke me. I can be rehomed as either an outside cat to a farm/stables say or to a home normally, but it will need to be a home in a more rural area and my new owner will need to have experience of having semi feral/feral cats and understand that it is going to probably take me months, maybe even years to fully settle and possibly become a friendly girl. It may also be that I never will be a cat that likes to be touched but will be quite happy just living alongside you.
    If I am to be rehomed as an outside cat, it would be nicer for me if there was another cat there so I had some company. The staff are unsure if I like other cats or not, but feel like I may be ok with them. I hope I find a new home soon.

    *Please only enquire about me if you have experience of feral cats or are interested in me as an outdoor cat*

  • Alfeo & Tulia

    Children: 14+
    Cats: No
    Dogs: No

    To be rehomed as a pair

    Hiya!! My name is Alfeo and I’m an 11 year old tabby and white male, and this is my friend Tulia, she is a 6 year old pale ginger female. We came to The Centre at the beginning of September 2020 as our previous owner was being evicted and couldn’t take us with her. I am a very confident boy and I will strut up to you for some strokes and attention, but my friend Tulia is a little more shy than me. You see, she didn’t have the best start to life so she is a bit wary of humans; She isn’t nasty at all, infact she will purr and head bop you but she’s only just really getting use to being stroked and she isn’t confident enough to come over and say hello to people yet, she waits in her bed for you to slowly approach her. She likes to follow me around though so I try to show her that humans aren’t to be scared of! We are looking for a home together as we love each other very much! We will need new owners who will understand that Tulia will take a little while to settle in and will be patient with her in order for her to really come out of her shell. We are were use to living with 11 other cats in our previous house although I did spray (scent mark) in the home sometimes and I have also done it a few times since being here at the rescue so I think we would be best suited to a home with no other cats so that hopefully I wont feel the need to mark my territory anymore.

    *Both Part Foster – Dental work *

  • Katya

    Children: 14+
    Cats: No
    Dogs: No

    Hi im Katya, a beautiful 1 and a half year old black female. I arrived at the centre in may 2020 after I had been abandoned by my owners; when I arrived at the centre it became clear I was heavily pregnant. My kittens have all now gone to there new homes and I did also, however sadly I was returned to the centre in November 2020 as I became very stressed in my new home; you see I was living in a male only household and after a few months it became clear I had a fear of men and I began nipping and scratching them all the time and I didn’t really want them near me or giving me any attention. I also began having a couple of accidents around the home as I was becoming very unsettled. However since I have been back at the centre I have been back to my normal self! I am a very loving girl who enjoys a fuss and attention. I do still occasionally give the odd little nip but I have always done this, its just to let you know that I have had enough. I am a very playful girl and I love all my toys! I spend ages batting them around everywhere and running around; I think I am still a kitten at heart. I am ideally looking for a female only household, in a nice quiet home with older or no children and with someone who will respect that sometimes I need my own space. I cant wait to find my forever home soon, I really am a sweet little girl!

    *Part foster – Old ulcer on tongue*

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