Adopt Rabbits

COVID – 19 Rehoming Procedure

Please do check below for available rabbits, if you find something suitable please fill out the online application form specifying the name of the rabbit (s). If there is nothing suitable at the moment please check back regularly for more available rabbits. 

Before you contact us please do read through our COVID Rehoming document carefully by clicking here. 

Please Note: We only rehome rabbits in pairs or can bond your neutered male or spayed female rabbit with one of ours.

It is important to us that both you and your adopted rabbit(s) are happy.
For this reason we have the following straight forward, but important adoption process:

  1. Please check you live in our Catchment Area at the bottom of this page.
  2. Please read and ensure you agree with our Rabbit Adoption Policy
  3. Please read and ensure you agree with our Rabbit Adoption Fee
  4. Complete our Online Application Form to get the ball rolling
  5. We’ll then organise a home visit with you
  6. Then you can make an appointment to see the rabbits

All Rabbits are:

  • Neutered / Spayed
  • Fully Vaccinated
  • Health and Dental Checked
  • Up-to-date with Worm Prevention
  • Covered by a 4 week Pet Plan vet insurance from the date you adopt

Rabbits Available for Adoption

The following is a list of some of the rabbits available for adoption. This is just a selection of the animals we have at The Centre and sometimes we do run out of time to keep the site updated. Please follow the process above to ensure you are not disappointed.

Rabbit of the Month

  • Cannelloni & Rigatoni

    Children: 14+

    Hi there, my name is Cannelloni and I am a female rab and this is my brother Rigatoni and we are both just over 2 and a half years old. This is our second time here at the centre, we were here originally in 2018 for just under a year before being adopted, but had to be returned again recently as due to ill health our owner was unable to look after us anymore. We are both half wildies, our mum was a domesticated bun but our dad was a wild rabbit and we have taken on a lot of our dads traits!! We don’t like being picked up at all and we will run away if you try to get us, but if you sit with us so we can stay down on the ground we are quite curious buns and will eventually come over to you to explore a bit more. But in general we are quite scatty and not the best with being handled so we are looking for an experienced rabbit owner to give us a new home. We would be better suited to live with older or no children and will greatly benefit from someone able to handle us regularly.

  • Frosty Fancy

    Children: 10+
    * To bond with a female rabbit *

    Hi! My name is Frosty Fancy and I am an approximately 5 year old male. I am a super friendly and sweet little boy.

    I have been at the centre for a little while now as when I first arrived, my front teeth were very wonky and overgrown. I have now had two dental ops including the removal of all of my front teeth. For this reason, I will be on part foster for anything to do with my teeth and will need regular check-ups with The Centre’s vet.

    My eyes can also be a bit weepy because of my teeth, so they will need bathing occasionally, and the fur around them combing regularly so that it doesn’t get clogged and matted. On the plus side, I may well have a little snooze on your lap while you groom me! I would prefer a home with an experienced rabbit owner who has the time to groom (and cuddle) me as much as I need.

    * Part Foster – Teeth *

  • Stella Artois & Boddingtons

    Children: 8+

    Hi ya!! That cute little white female rab is me Stella Artois (but you can just call me Stella) and I am just over 3 and a half years old. This with me is my son Boddingtons, he’s the equally as cute grey boy and he is just coming up to 3 years old. This is our second time at the centre, we were here originally in 2018 and returned again recently as our owners were moving. We are a sweet pair of buns, happy to have strokes from you down on the ground but we don’t really like being picked up at all (but hey, what rabbit does really!!). We would benefit from a new owner who will have the time to give us some more handling and help us to become more confident. We hope the next time we go home it will be our forever home.

  • Toffee Delight

    Children: 10+
    *To bond with a female rabbit*

    Hi, I am Toffee Delight and I am a super cute little 2 year old male Netherland Dwarf. I came to The Centre in September 2020, along with a few other rabbits, as unfortunately my previous owner was unable to look after us anymore due to health reasons. I can be wary of people, and I do not enjoy being picked up, however I love nose strokes when I have all four paws on the floor though! I am looking for a home with a spayed female I can bond with. As I do prefer a calmer life, I would be better suited to a home with older or no children. I would also benefit from living in a home where my new owners have time to handle me often, to help us bond better.

    * Cannot bond until March 18th 2021 *

  • Toffee Pops

    Children: 13+
    *To bond with a male rabbit*

    Hello, my name is Toffypops and I am a beautiful female rabbit, aged 1 year 10 months. I came to The Centre in October 2020 as my previous owners found me too aggressive. I am very wary of people and sudden movements or loud noises, so sometimes I can become defensive and lunge towards you. When I do allow someone to pick me up, I am actually very sweet and love nose rubs! I am looking for a home with patient owners, who understand that I need time and lots of attention to let my guard down, and who will handle me often so that I get used to people. I am looking for a home with a neutered boy bunny to bond with, and older or no children.

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