Bourbon, Custard Cream & Jaffa

Gender: Male
Come/s as a: Multiple
Age: 6 months
Bond/Live With: Alone
Child Friendly: All Children
Date Arrived: July 2023

About Me

Hi ya! Those three cute little boy piggies are me Bourbon (black and white), Custard Cream (grey and white) and Jaffa ( black and tan) and we are all roughly 14 weeks old.

We came to the centre in July as we were an accidental litter.

We’re the cutest little trio of piggies, who are a fast bunch and we may give you the runaround trying to catch us, but once you’ve got a firm hold on us, we do enjoy a little cuddle and nose stroke. We make the staff here smile a lot as the minute we see them coming with the veggies, we are squeaking our heads off and get all excited to get them!

We all get along really well, so we are looking to be rehomed as a trio and we would be fine living with children as long as mum and dad know they will have to catch us first to pop us on a lap.

Will you give us a chance?



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