Brantley & Romina

Gender: Mixed
Come/s as a: Pair
Age: 5 Years
Can live with: Only Pet
Child Friendly: Teenagers
Date Arrived: May 2021

About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Romina and I am a 5 year old torti female, and this is my friend Brantley, a 5 year old handsome black and white boy. We came to The Centre in March 2021 originally as our previous owners had a change of circumstances and unfortunately could no longer keep us. We did then get rehomed but were returned again recently as my temperamental behaviour was too much for our owners. Brantley is a very confident and soppy boy and he will immediately come to you for a fuss and attention. He just loves you humans and follows you around everywhere.  I however can be a little bit cautious to start with until I know you,  I do really like to be stroked and given attention and when I’m settled in a home I also love to sit on a lap, but it’s all on my terms and when I don’t fancy it I will just take myself off or I will give you a smack to tell you off if you don’t leave me be. So my new owners will need to be ok with my sassy nature as it is probably how I’m always going to be, I’m just a typical naughty torti!! We would be best suited to a home with older teenage children or no children at all  and no other pets as I really dislike other cats!! Therefore we would ideally also be better living somewhere where there are not many cats around as as much as I love Brantley, I do not like any other cats and my naughty side is very heightened when I see other cats!  We have never been outside before but we would really love to finally get that opportunity and it may make me a lot happier in myself, so we’d like to live in a quiet area, so we can start to explore the outside world safely. We hope that someone chooses us soon as we would really love to find ourselves a forever home.



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