Bubble & Squeak

Gender: Female
Come/s as a: Pair
Age: 1 Year
Bond/Live With: Alone
Child Friendly: All Children
Date Arrived: January 2024

About Me

Hey, my name is Bubble and I am the ginger and chocolate lady and this brown and white girl with me is my sister Squeak and we are just 1 years old.

We came to the centre in January as our owner lost interest in us.

We are the sweetest, friendliest pair of girls, we are happy to be handled and just sit and let you pick us up, without trying to get away from you. We love having cuddles on a comfy lap and getting lots of nose and chin rubs, just make sure you give us both equal amounts of love.  We love our food and veggies and squeak away when we hear the staff come in to our area, excited that we’ll get some treats soon. We will make a great addition to any family and can’t wait to keep having lots of handling.

We need to be adopted just us as a pair and not to bond with any other females sadly as we can be little bullies! We just want all the fuss and food for ourselves basically!

Will you give us a chance?



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