Gender: Male
Come/s as a: Single
Age: 9 Years
Can live with: Only Pet
Child Friendly: Teenagers
Date Arrived: October 2021

About Me

Hi everyone, that very stunning looking lad there is me Chocky and I am a 9 year old male.

This is my second time at the centre, I arrived originally in May as I had been going in neighbours houses and attacking their cats. I found a home recently but had to be returned for the same sort of reasons, I was fighting the cat over the road and also going into the neighbours houses.

I am a very loving boy, I love company and attention and will follow my human round like a little dog. I do have a cheeky side and like to give ‘love nips’, I don’t mean them nastily at all, it’s just my way of getting your attention and showing my love, but my new owner will need to be ok with them. I’m a lad with a lot of energy, I run everywhere at 100 miles an hour and one other thing you need to know and be ok with is my loud meow! It starts off normal and then just gets louder and louder and louder until I’m just yelling basically! Again it’s a bit of an attention thing and normally when you look at me or call me, I’ll stop or go back to normal volume.

I really hope I find a new home again very soon. I am now definitely going to need a home in a very rural area, it needs to be somewhere without any other cats around and where there are not many neighbours in close proximity or those that are will need to be ok with me being cheeky and trying to come in their home. I can’t help the way that I am and I’m such a lovely boy that I hope there is the right home and owners for me out there.

Will you give me a chance ?



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