Gender: Male
Come/s as a: Single
Age: 4 Years
Can live with: Only Pet
Child Friendly: Children Years 10+
Date Arrived: March 2021

About Me

Hi everyone, that very handsome tabby boy there is me Hubert. I am roughly 4 years old and came to the centre in March this year as I had been living as a stray. I must have had a home at some point though as I’m just an absolute sweetheart! I am honestly the loveliest boy who just loves having a big old fuss made of me, I like to get lots of head scratches and kisses on my head as well. I’m even happy being picked up for a little cuddle! Initially when I first meet new people I come across as a little shy and wary, but it doesn’t take me a minute to gain my confidence and come over to get those strokes and get up onto your lap for cuddles. I’m just a big kitten really and I absolutely love playing with my toys, I roll around being all cute or chasing my toys around my pen and make the staff here laugh when they are watching me. You might wonder why when I’m such a lovely boy I have been here for so long! Well you see I was not in the best of health when I arrived, so under vet guidance the staff been trying to improve my health and now finally the vet said I am looking really good and doing really well so I can be rehomed. I do have kidney disease but I will be covered part foster by the centre so I can continue to see the vet here for any troubles with my kidneys. I am on medication for them, but I’m the best boy at taking them 🙂

I am quite fussy with food, I get bored with things easily but the staff can explain all about me and my quirks if you are interested in me. I would prefer to live with older or no children and would probably be happiest as an only pet so I can have all the love just for me.

* Part Foster – Kidneys *



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