KF81-23 & KF82-23

Gender: Female
Come/s as a: Pair
Age: 19 WEEKS
Can live with: Cat Friendly
Child Friendly: Teenagers
Date Arrived: July 2023

Hiya! I’m KF81-23 (Ellen) the black and white girl on the left, and this is my sister KF82-23 (Erin) the black and white girl on the right.

We arrived at the centre at the beginning of July after a kind man found us in a shed that was about to be demolished! We’re around 5 months old now.

As we were found in a shed, it is believed that is where we spent all of our childhood, with no human contact, for 6 weeks! If you come to see us, I am usually the first to jump off my scratch post and meet you, but I’m not brave enough for a stroke yet, that will take time as I am an independent girl! I am happy to play with all my toys and would love if you played with them too! My sister has gained so much confidence and is a little flirt, twirling her tail around wanting affection. As she is new to all of this, she can be a little twitchy when you stroke her back but if you stroke her head, she’ll bump you for more and lean in for a chin rub <3 When we’re alone, we’re silly, playful, little girls and it can be quite comical watching us play. As much as we know we’re loved here, we’d love to find ourselves a home.

We’re looking for a quiet home where we can settle in our own time, and feel comfortable to call your home ours too! We’d be happy to live with other cats as we lived with our 2 sisters, and another cat may encourage us to come out of our shell quicker. We’d be fine to live with young adults as they’re more understanding that it may take time to earn our love and affection whilst we settle.

Will you give us a chance?

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