Gender: Male
Come/s as a: Single
Age: 9 years 5 months
Can live with: Only Pet
Child Friendly: No Children
Date Arrived: April 2021

About Me

Hi there, my name is KM57-12, but please call me Theo! I am the handsome ginger and white, 9 and a half year old male. I originally arrived here at the centre in 2012 when I was a kitten, hence why I have a number for my name, I have since been rehomed twice but sadly returned as my first owner was moving into a flat and couldn’t take me with them and then the second time was because my new owner couldn’t cope with my behaviour. You see I am a sweet boy who likes attention and a fuss and I love sitting on your lap but its all on my terms, once I’ve had enough I will let you know! I can be quite a cheeky boy at times and have been known to randomly bite and scratch, so I am looking for a special home with someone who can cope with my temperamental side. I am an extremely playful boy who LOVES my toys and will spend ages running around playing with them, you’ll be surprised at how much energy I have for such a big boy! I can be quite vocal at times as I love to talk to you, especially around meal times when im demanding me food, as you see I am very food orientated and I love my food. I cannot wait to find a nice quiet home where I can settle in my own time and have my own space when I need it but also with someone who will play with me everyday as that’s what I enjoy the most. I do like going outside in the garden and having a little explore and lazing around in the sun but I dont stay outside for too long as if there is a sudden noise I get a bit anxious and run back inside. I cannot wait to find my forever home soon.



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