Lady Josie & Princess Snow

Gender: Female
Come/s as a: Pair
Age: 16 and 17 years
Can live with: Alone
Child Friendly: No Children
Date Arrived: December 2020
Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre - Adopt a cat - Lady Josie & Princess Snow

About Me

Hi there, My name is Lady Josie and I am the beautiful, mature 16 year old, black and white girl you can see (on the right) and this here with me is my mum, Princess snow, she is almost 17 years old. We arrived here at the centre in December 2020 as sadly our owners could no longer cope with us. We are both such friendly and affectionate girls who love attention and to be with people! We are also quite chatty girls, especially snow she loves to talk a lot! The staff here have totally fallen in love with us, they say we are the most loving, sweet and gentle girls. We are not necessarily lap cats but we do love to lay next to you!

We are getting a bit stiff in our old age and we will both need help getting up onto the sofa or bed because she cant really jump anymore; I have very recently had an operation on one of my knees as unfortunately my knee cap wasn’t sitting correctly and it would keep slipping out when I would walk, this is has now been corrected but you may still notice I look a bit stiff and uncomfortable when I’m walking around but its just because I need to re build up my muscles in my legs and being here at the centre all I do is sleep, so hopefully in a home where I will moving around and exploring a bit more this will help in my recovery. I will be covered under a part foster basis for my back legs so if I ever have any problems then I can come back here to the centre for treatment; there was talk about having a second operation on my other back leg but for now this doesn’t need to be done as the vet is quite happy with the outcome but I am looking for a special owner who would be prepared in case I may need extra surgery in the future and I may need regular check ups with the vet to make sure everything is still okay.

We cannot wait to finally find our forever home where we can be spoilt rotten and receive all the love and attention we truly deserve. We are looking for a quiet home with older or no children as we are quite fragile and we would love to be able to just chill out and relax in a calm environment to live out the rest of our golden years.

*Lady Josie – Part foster – Back legs*



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