Mr Goodbar & Sky Bar

Gender: Mixed
Come/s as a: Pair
Age: 2 Years
Bond/Live With: Alone
Child Friendly: All Children
Date Arrived: August 2021

About Me

Hello, my name is Mr Goodbar and I’m the very good looking tan boy and this is my tiny girlfriend Sky Bar, we are both 2yrs. We are a lovely pair of rabbits who love to run over to you as soon as we see you for a stroke and a fuss, we are good with being handled but you’ll have to try and catch us first as we are very quick! We were a bit naughty in our old home and were very good at escaping and would love to chew at our wooden hutch, so for this reason we would need to be on solid ground and have very strong accommodation that we couldn’t escape from. We can’t wait to find our forever home.



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