Gender: Male
Come/s as a: Single (to bond)
Age: 1 Year
Bond/Live With: Spayed Female
Child Friendly: Children Years 8+
Date Arrived: July 2023

About Me

Hello everyone, that fluffy bundle of fur is me Mushroom and I am 11 months old.

I came to the centre back in July as I was fighting with another rabbit and wasn’t particularly sociable.

I am a sweet boy who does enjoy a fuss, I just need more handling and time spent with me to help me really start to love the attention you give. I can be a little scatty and run off when you stroke me, but I soon come running back as I want to know what you are up to! I’m a typical bun who will give a little nip if I’m annoyed, but generally I’m a little sweetheart. I love nothing more than flopping or stretching full out and chilling in my pen and I can’t wait to have a girlfriend to do this with.

Because of my gorgeous locks, I will need an owner who is willing to give me a little groom daily and trim my fur (especially around my eyes) when needed.

Will you give me a chance?

* Can bond from the 24th November *



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