Gender: Male
Come/s as a: Single
Age: 7 Years 11 Months
Can live with: Only Pet
Child Friendly: Teenagers
Date Arrived: March 2021

About Me

Hi there, my name is Soppy and I am the handsome, almost 8 year old, ginger boy you can see! I originally arrived here at the centre in 2018 due to unfortunate circumstances; I was rehomed but sadly I was returned shortly after as I was eating anything and everything around the house. I was then rehomed again and had been in my new home for almost 2 years but I have sadly been returned again as I wasn’t getting on with the other cat in the house and also my new owners were concerned because I begun vomiting quite often. Since I have been here at the centre I have been regularly seeing the vets to try and find out what has been causing me to be sick so often. It is now believed that I have Pyloric stenosis – which is the narrowing of the stomach causing food to not enter so easily. I have been having steroid injections which has helped massively and I am only being sick once every other week or so now. I will be covered under a part foster scheme for this issue so if I need to see the vet again for any further treatment then I can come back here to the centre and they will cover the cost of it. I am a very sweet and friendly, confident boy who loves attention and to be with people! I am also most definitely a lap cat; I love having cuddles and a fuss. I am looking for a home with older or no children, as although I’m so friendly I don’t like being pulled around. I am also looking for a home with no other pets.

*Part Foster – Digestive Tract Issues*



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