Gender: Female
Come/s as a: Single
Age: 1 Year
Can live with: Cat Friendly
Child Friendly: Teenagers
Date Arrived: June 2021

About Me

Hello there my name is white5 and I am the gorgeous little, 1 year old, white and ginger girl you can see. You may be wondering why I have a strange name, well it’s because when I arrived at the centre In June 2021, I was found living by an old barn as a stray, it is believed I was probably born on the streets due to how nervous and scared I am of humans. The centre had agreed to help me, where they would spay me, so I couldn’t have any more kittens and then I would return to live back in the barn where I was found and the lady who caught me up would continue to feed and look out for me, however the staff here feel I deserve the chance of a loving home and they are really hopeful that eventually with plenty of love, time and patience I will slowly be able to be brought around into a sweet girl. Currently I am extremely scared of humans and I spend all of my time hiding under my blanket or backing myself in the the corner of the pen where I try to make myself disappear. The staff say it’s very sad to see me like this because it’s like I’ve completely shut down as I just don’t seem to react to anything. I haven’t shown any nastiness or aggression towards the staff at all; I will allow them to gently stroke me on the head but I don’t enjoy it at the moment, I just allow them to do. I really would love to find an experienced and understanding home with someone who has experience with semi feral cats and who will allow me to settle in my own time and not expect to much from me to start with. Realistically it will take months for me to settle into a home and I will probably initially spend a lot of that time hiding and not wanting to interact, which is why I’m looking for a super special home with someone who is able to accept this. My ideal home would be a nice quiet and calm home with no children.



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