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Children: No
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Hi, my name is Chucky and I am the ever so handsome, 6 year old, ginger and white boy you can see. I arrived here at the centre in March 2021 as I was found living as a stray; a kind lady had been feeding for for quite a long time but sadly she passed away so her daughter brought me here to centre so that I didn’t have to fend for myself again and I could find a loving home of my own. You see where I have been a stray for so long I am semi-feral, so Im not really use to human contact. After a year or so of visiting the kind lady who was feeding me, I did eventually wander into her home and then I found myself going in there most days. I would sit by her feet whilst she was on the sofa and I would rub around her legs for attention; I would allow her to give me alittle stroke occasionally on my head but I wasn’t that sure on it so sometimes I would hiss to let her know I was feeling anxious. Since being here at the centre I have been very scared of my surroundings as it is totally different to what I am use to. I will hiss and spit at the staff in a defensive way as I am currently really unsure of them and I spend most of the day hiding. One member of staff in particular works with me and although most of the time I still act defensive, I do allow her to sit by me and talk to me and on the occasional time I have allowed her to stroke my head but I still dont know whether I like it or not. I am looking for a very special home with someone who has the time and patience to spend with me and with someone who will allow me to settle in my own time as it may take quite a while. The staff are hopeful that one day I will become calmer, more friendly boy but it will take an experienced owner (ideally someone who is use to feral cats) to help me come out of my shell. The staff would love for me to be given the opportunity to find a warm home to live in, however if I cannot find a suitable home to meet my needs then the staff may consider rehoming me as an outdoor cat to live in a stables or barn but ideally if there is a house onsite so I still have the opportunity to still go inside If I want to.

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