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To sponsor a cat requires a minimum donation of £15 per year. You will then receive a photo and letter plus a thrice yearly newsletter.

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Children: No
Cats: No
Dogs: No

Hey!! My name is Zion and I’m a handsome 5 year old male. I came to The Centre recently as my previous owners found me too nervous for them and they were also unable to keep up with the grooming of me. I think possibly I was just a bit overwhelmed as there was a lot going on in my previous home, with other pets and children. I am a very anxious boy though and my new owners will need to be experienced cat owners, as I’m going to need help to settle into my new home. I am a shy boy to start with and wary of new people I meet but once I realise you are not going to hurt me I will come over to you for some strokes and I absolutely love them, I’m just a big softy at heart! The staff think that I may always have my nervous nature and will be a cat that stresses easily so I need to be rehomed to a quiet household with no children or other pets and in a quiet area near no busy roads to make my settling in an easier process. With love, time and patience I will get there and will hopefully blossom into a confident, loving boy with the people I trust. I would also benefit from having new owners that are at home more often than not so I’m not left alone for too long and to help our bonding process. My new owners will need to be prepared for regular grooming of me as well to keep me looking this handsome and not matted. I’m such a lovely boy so I hope I find a new home very quick as centre life is very scary for me.

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