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Lady Josie’s Knee Operation – Feb 2021

Through our facebook page we introduced you to the lovely lady Josie. This gorgeous girl was waiting for a knee operation in the hopes we could give her a better future with her friend Princess Snow. Our amazing vet had offered to do it at a reduced cost but we still needed to raise £700 to cover the rest of the cost. Our  supporters were so generous that we managed to raise the £700 in only a few days. In fact we raised £1,175 in total, the extra money we raised will go towards the essential vet care of other animals. Thank you so much to everyone who donated. Please follow our facebook page to see updates once she has had her surgery and below is the story she told to everyone. 
My name is Lady Josie and I am a beautiful, mature cat, only 16 years young! I arrived here at the centre in December 2020 along with my best friend, Princess Snow, as sadly our owners could no longer keep us.
We are both such friendly and affectionate girls and have so much love to give.
However, my knees are not coping so well! I was sent to the vets for an X-Ray and the results came back that I had a problem with my knees that meant I would need something called bilateral patella luxation correction surgery.
I asked the vet what this meant, and he said it is surgery on both of my knees to keep them in the right place. I would have to have the operation for each knee a few weeks apart so that I can still get around whilst I’m recovering. This is a necessary procedure to give me so that I can be comfortable during my golden years as I reckon I still have a few left in me!
The surgery would normally cost over £2000 but the vet has offered to do it for only £900 including all my medicine and materials! A wonderful friend of mine has already donated £200 to hopefully give me new life, but I still need £700 more. So, if you have a little to spare no matter if it is £1 or £20, I would really appreciate it!
It would mean I could live out my life together with Princess Snow.

Virtual Fayre – October 2020

This was a tough year for the centre and not being able to put on our normal fundraising events made it even harder. We missed you all at our annual Summer Fayre in August and it also meant we lost a big chunk of our fundraising money for the year. So we ran a a Virtual Fayre through our social media pages and it was so much more successful than we hoped. We ran an auction, a raffle and shared videos and competitions on our facebook. Thanks to everyone that got involved and donated, we made an amazing £2401 overall. This broke down as £484 from the raffle, £475 from the auction and £1467 in donations.

Special thank you to the people and company’s that donated items for our raffle and auction. Lush in Chichester, Co-Op in Stockbridge, Toni and Guy in Chichester, Reynolds Furniture Store in Bognor Regis,
Molly Maid Cleaning Company, The Woodmancote pub in Emsworth, Cafe Paradiso in Chichester, The Inglenook Hotel in Pagham, Anglepoise Lamps, James Bolan, Lesley Lanning, Ava Kirby, Louise Martin

Sonny’s Story – August 2020

Sonny was a little one day old black kitten that arrived at The Centre in May 2019. He needed round the clock care from the dedicated staff to survive, but he got there and is such a cheeky character now. His owners wanted to share his special story of his first year of life. Please click on the links to read Sonny’s Story.

Sonny’s Story Part 1 

Sonny’s Story Part 2

Sonny was with us at The Centre for 165 days. During this time, like all animals we rescue and rehome, he received veterinary care, round the clock nursing care, food, toys, comfortable bedding and a warm pen. Sonny’s stay with us cost us approximately £20.00 per day. Please help us to give other animals a chance of a happy life by donating to Sonny’s Appeal. You can donate by clicking on this link to our kindlink (if you cant donate online you can also call the centre).—rabbit-rescue-centre/3165

Amazing Arlan – May 2020

A massive thank you to the little superstar that is 6-year-old Arlan West. After hearing a talk from us at his school recently, Arlan decided that he would like to help raise some money for us, so he dressed up as a cat and walked and cycled 10 miles over the space of a week with his mum (who was dressed as a rabbit).

He raised an incredible £617.50 for his efforts and then inspired by what he had achieved, local company Ferry Farm Community Solar decided to round his donation up to £1000!!!
We are so grateful to him for this and once lock-down is over, we can’t wait to meet him. We would love for him to come and have a tour of the place and meet all the cats, rabbits and piggies he has raised this money for.
He’s a little legend and a massive round of applause from all of us here.

Thank you so much Arlan

Summer Fayre Success – Aug 2019

We are so happy to share with all our lovely supporters how we did on our Summer Fayre.

It was a record breaking year, our best ever total.

We raised an incredible £19,286.62!!!

We also had an amazing 5,432 tins and sachets of cat food, 22 bags of rabbit food, 6 bags of guinea pig food, loads of blankets/bedding, 7 scratch posts, toys, bleach, hand gel, washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets and newspaper donated as well.

We’re just so overwhelmed with all your support and so thankful to each and every one of you. Each penny raised goes towards helping the animals here at CRRC and all of the donted goods are incredibly useful as well. All of the staff and the animals appreciate everything you all do for us!

Thank you also to everyone that donated items for the raffle/auction and to all the volunteers who helped on the day. Your all amazing and helped us in raising much needed funds for the charity and we hope you will continue to support our work for the animals.

Chidham School Supports CRRC – July 2019

Chidham Primary School held a fundraising day for us on their last week before breaking up for the summer holidays. All the children dressed up and looked amazing!! A large amount of food was collected by them and they also raised an amazing £102 for us!! We are so very grateful to the children for choosing us this year and we hope that they will always think rescue in the future when considering getting animals. Thank You!!


Can you contribute towards Squeaks special medication? It is going to cost about £540 a year, please donate now. – Dec 2017

Hi my name is Squeak (KM125 – 17), the beautiful 10 month old tabby boy with my sister who is black. The vets have diagnosed me with an unusual disorder called Diabetes Insipidus, I can’t keep water in my body so I drink a lot of water every day because I produce a lot of urine (don’t worry I always go in a litter tray!) The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre give me special medication so I don’t need to drink as much but it costs £45 a month. When my sister and I find a loving new home I will still be looked after by the CRRC vets through the foster care scheme so my adopters won’t need to pay for my medicine. The foster care scheme is the only way special cats like me can get a home sometimes. Can you help donate some money for medication? We want to make sure we have enough money to pay for my medication for the rest of my life, that’s a lot of money which is why I’m asking for a little help. My sister and I are also looking for our forever homes, our original owner gave us up as she had 8 cats and 15 kittens and it was too many.

We arrived at CRRC in August 2017 and we were happily able to find our forever home in March 2018 which meant we spent over 7 months here. I am still on the foster care scheme so The Centre still provides all my medication to my owners. 


Merry Christmas – Dec 2017

A wonderful day was had by all yesterday at the Rescue Centre. 23 volunteers, 3 staff, 2 Trustees and 1 President (our President Sue Jameson) all came in to help care for the animals on Christmas Morning. The cats had chicken and turkey kindly donated, the rabbits and guinea pigs had a whole range of veg including sprouts and the humans had plenty of biscuits! Thank you so much to everyone who gave up their time on Christmas day and today. We are looking forward to starting rehoming again on the 28th of December and getting hopefully lots of animals out to their new loving homes.

Look at our Van! – Dec 2017

We would like to say a really big thank you to the Sign Shop for sign writing our 2nd van! Our vans are essential for our animal work and collecting donations for the centre and our charity shops and now they are also helping to advertise the charity and spread our responsible pet ownership message!

CRRC on Spirit FM all this week – Dec 2017

The CRRC team will be competing every day this week on Spirit FM’s War of the works competition. Tune in at 12:30pm to see if we can answer 10 general knowledge questions in 60 seconds and beat the other team.

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