Amazing Arlan – May 2020

A massive thank you to the little superstar that is 6-year-old Arlan West. After hearing a talk from us at his school recently, Arlan decided that he would like to help raise some money for us, so he dressed up as a cat and walked and cycled 10 miles over the space of a week with his mum (who was dressed as a rabbit).

He raised an incredible £617.50 for his efforts and then inspired by what he had achieved, local company Ferry Farm Community Solar decided to round his donation up to £1000!!!
We are so grateful to him for this and once lock-down is over, we can’t wait to meet him. We would love for him to come and have a tour of the place and meet all the cats, rabbits and piggies he has raised this money for.
He’s a little legend and a massive round of applause from all of us here.

Thank you so much Arlan

Our Catchment Area