Can you contribute towards Squeaks special medication? It is going to cost about £540 a year, please donate now. – Dec 2017

Hi my name is Squeak (KM125 – 17), the beautiful 10 month old tabby boy with my sister who is black. The vets have diagnosed me with an unusual disorder called Diabetes Insipidus, I can’t keep water in my body so I drink a lot of water every day because I produce a lot of urine (don’t worry I always go in a litter tray!) The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre give me special medication so I don’t need to drink as much but it costs £45 a month. When my sister and I find a loving new home I will still be looked after by the CRRC vets through the foster care scheme so my adopters won’t need to pay for my medicine. The foster care scheme is the only way special cats like me can get a home sometimes. Can you help donate some money for medication? We want to make sure we have enough money to pay for my medication for the rest of my life, that’s a lot of money which is why I’m asking for a little help. My sister and I are also looking for our forever homes, our original owner gave us up as she had 8 cats and 15 kittens and it was too many.

We arrived at CRRC in August 2017 and we were happily able to find our forever home in March 2018 which meant we spent over 7 months here. I am still on the foster care scheme so The Centre still provides all my medication to my owners. 


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