Lady Josie’s Knee Operation – Feb 2021

Through our facebook page we introduced you to the lovely lady Josie. This gorgeous girl was waiting for a knee operation in the hopes we could give her a better future with her friend Princess Snow. Our amazing vet had offered to do it at a reduced cost but we still needed to raise £700 to cover the rest of the cost. Our  supporters were so generous that we managed to raise the £700 in only a few days. In fact we raised £1,175 in total, the extra money we raised will go towards the essential vet care of other animals. Thank you so much to everyone who donated. Please follow our facebook page to see updates once she has had her surgery and below is the story she told to everyone. 
My name is Lady Josie and I am a beautiful, mature cat, only 16 years young! I arrived here at the centre in December 2020 along with my best friend, Princess Snow, as sadly our owners could no longer keep us.
We are both such friendly and affectionate girls and have so much love to give.
However, my knees are not coping so well! I was sent to the vets for an X-Ray and the results came back that I had a problem with my knees that meant I would need something called bilateral patella luxation correction surgery.
I asked the vet what this meant, and he said it is surgery on both of my knees to keep them in the right place. I would have to have the operation for each knee a few weeks apart so that I can still get around whilst I’m recovering. This is a necessary procedure to give me so that I can be comfortable during my golden years as I reckon I still have a few left in me!
The surgery would normally cost over £2000 but the vet has offered to do it for only £900 including all my medicine and materials! A wonderful friend of mine has already donated £200 to hopefully give me new life, but I still need £700 more. So, if you have a little to spare no matter if it is £1 or £20, I would really appreciate it!
It would mean I could live out my life together with Princess Snow.

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