Want to get stuck in helping to maintain and prepare our grounds and facilities at The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre or enjoy travelling to collect donations from our kind supporters? As a Maintenance & Driving Volunteer, you’ll get to help behind the scenes to ensure our operations run smoothly and be appreciated for helping keep our premises presentable and safe for our visitors, staff, and cat out-and-abouters who are permanent residents of The Centre, free to roam the grounds (and may come up to say hello to you).

You’ll also be able to get involved in the fun and excitement of our on-site fundraising events by helping to prepare and coordinate for events such as our Summer Fayre.

Additionally, you’ll get to hit the road and help our driver with the collection process of larger donated goods by assisting the pick-up and delivery of items such as furniture to our charity shops or The Centre. We’re sure you’ll feel great satisfaction in helping our kind supporters that aren’t able to get these types of goods to us and getting these items where they need to be to help raise funds for our charity through our charity shops or to use here at The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre.

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