Volunteer Position – Maintenance and Driving

Volunteers are a part of the beating heart of our charity and without your help we would not be able to continue to assist all the animals we support.

As a maintenance and driver volunteer your general responsibilities may include:
• Help carrying out maintenance or gardening identified by staff at our animal rescue centre and occasionally at our charity shops.
• Identify and repair any smaller issues that need to be solved at our facilities.
• Provide assistance in preparation for on site events, e.g. Erection and dismantling of marquees.
• Assist with garden maintenance.
• Help our driver with picking up difficult or large donation items or utilize our charity vans to pick up donations on your own.

As a volunteer you must:
• Provide us times that you are available to volunteer weekly or monthly and always be on time – it is important to us that you are available at the same time slots continuously.
• Abide by our confidentiality and health and safety policies.

If you are interested volunteering with us, please fill out an application form below.