Foster Scheme

Visits to our vet are on one morning per week normally being a Thursday, unless there is a condition of a more serious nature and then we will accommodate these animals at our own local vet practice

Our Foster Scheme

Our Foster Care scheme is to help support you and your CRRC pet where there is a pre-existing and ongoing medical condition that may not be covered by pet insurance.

  • Any animal that may need veterinary treatment will need to visit our vet here at the Centre – please consider travelling time
  • We are unable to cover costs at another veterinary practice
  • We do not provide an out of hours emergency service

Full Foster

The animal would be covered fully by CRRC including medication if necessary.

Vaccinations would be given every three years, additional vaccinations can be given at a cost of £20.00.

Part Foster

Only the medical condition that has been diagnosed would be covered by CRRC including medication if necessary and you would need to register with your own vet for all other veterinary treatment and insure against any other medical problems that may occur. Please read through the guidelines below and we are happy to give you further details if required.

To view our availability of animals for adoption including the foster and part foster animals please follow the link below