Sponsor a Room in The Barn

The Barn gets its name from the history of the land The Cat & Rabbit Rescue has called home since 1986; it was once used as an apple barn when our rescue centre’s many acres were once apple orchards. Much has changed since its original use and structure and is now used as our New Animal Arrivals Unit to provide a warm welcome and safe space to animals when they first arrive at The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre.

The Barn provides a calm, restful area for animals when they first come to us, often from stressful circumstances, situations of neglect, or off the streets as strays. This unit offers a safe space for animals where our dedicated Animal Care Team and Vet Team can monitor and assess their health and recovery before they are ready to be moved into other areas of our rescue centre, like Viv Eadon Lodge and make room for another furry friend to be welcomed with loving arms into our care in The Barn.

Will You Sponsor a Cat Room or Rabbit Bonding Room?

Cat Room

The Barn is the first point in which unwanted, abandoned and neglected feline friends feel loved again, as this building is our New Arrivals Unit. Each cat is given their own room (unless coming into our care in a pair or small group that will stay together throughout their entire journey at CRRC and find their forever home together) filled with comfortable beds and stimulating toys, where they will enjoy nutritious meals and plenty of fuss and attention whilst we monitor their health and happiness. When they have been treated for any medical conditions affecting them and given the all-clear from our vet, they will eventually move to another building at our centre to eagerly await their purrrfect match and forever home, making way for a new furry friend in The Barn, desperate for our help.

Yassah came to The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre in January of 2023 after living on the streets and found in a scrapyard cold, hungry and suffering with a painful wound. He enjoyed the safety and comfort of a place to call his own in The Barn whilst he recovered and found his forever home just a month later.

Rabbit Bonding Room

Rabbits are social animals and enjoy life best with somebunny to love. However, many rabbits that find their way into our care sadly haven’t found their bunny companion just yet. Here at The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre, we don’t look to rehome a rabbit alone, so we run our beloved Rabbit Bonding service to make sure single rabbits find their perfect match too! There are multiple Rabbit Bonding rooms in The Barn, equipped with all that’s necessary for a perfect bunny first date including comfortable bedding, plenty of space and of course many romantic meals to be had inside. Rabbit Bonding requires a lot of care, patience and monitoring by our Animal Care Team to avoid a lovers’ quarrel, but we’re happy to report our Rabbit Bonding has a great success rate!

Heck was rescued in 2021 from a house of horrors where he was forced to live in a filthy cage too small for the little bun to move. After being rehabilitated in our care, it was time to find Heck a girlfriend to spend the rest of his happy days with. After a few unsuccessful dates over months of never giving up on him, Heck fell in love with his new companion whilst bonding in The Barn and was soon taken to his forever home to spend time with his wifebun.

How It Works

To sponsor an animal room in The Barn for one year we kindly suggest a donation of £100, in addition we ask for a one-off payment of £20 to cover the cost of your unique plaque. There are two buttons below, one for the donation and one for the purchase of your plaque. Please complete both transactions for your first year of sponsorship.

As a sponsor of a room in The Barn, you’ll:

  • Get to choose what you’d like written on your sponsor plaque to commemorate your support for animals in need
  • Be invited to visit The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre to say hello to many furry faces in The Barn, including your newest feline or bunny friend in your sponsored room and fit your plaque on your room’s door
  • Also receive our bi-annual Paws For Thought magazine, filled with behind-the-scenes news and special stories from our rescue centre

After your first year of sponsoring your room in The Barn, we’ll write to you to tell you all about the furry friend staying in your room at the time of your renewal and ask you if you’d like to continue your support for another year. Following your first year of sponsorship, we kindly ask for a one-off donation of £100 to sponsor your room for another year.

Make sure to select either a Cat Room or Rabbit Bonding Room to tell us which type of animal room you’d prefer to sponsor whilst you make your donation to become a sponsor below.

Sean & Tracey’s Room

Sean and Tracey have been animal-lovers their entire lives as well as supporters of The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre for years. The couple have shown their love for what we do in a variety of ways, but were so excited by the opportunity to feel even more connected to the animals we help by becoming a sponsor of a room at our rescue centre.

They were thrilled to visit The Barn to say hello to so many cats welcomed recently into our care and to proudly display their plaque on their sponsored room. Their sponsored room was home to Sweeney, a handsome and loving 7 year old boy saved from the streets. Sean and Tracey are delighted to learn about all the animals they will help over the year through their sponsorship, as of course The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre rescues, rehabilitates and finds loving homes for around 1,000 pets each year!

Prefer to sponsor a particular pet? Our out-and-abouter cats and rabbit pair call The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre their permanent home, enjoying our rescue centre’s many acres of land. We provide the space and knowledgeable care these furry friends need to be happy and healthy, when no one else can. Read more about how to become an animal sponsor today!

Other Ways You Can Help