Remembering Your Pet

Here at The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre, we understand just how much the love and companionship of a pet means. To many of us, the powerful bond between us and our pets transcends pet ownership, and we gain a furry family member.

When they’re no longer with us, it can be a sad, difficult and often traumatic time. You may be left wondering how you want to remember your pet and how their legacy can continue to help others and bring joy.

Your Pet’s Blossoming Legacy: A Memorial for Your Pet

The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre can help you remember and commemorate the life of your pet that is no longer with you. We are pleased to introduce Your Pet’s Blossoming Legacy: A Memorial for Your Pet, offering a peaceful, permanent place for you to visit your furry loved one.

With Your Pet’s Blossoming Legacy: A Memorial for Your Pet, we invite you to join us in celebrating your late furry family member with an apple tree in memory of your pet on The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre’s 3 acres in rural Sidlesham near Chichester.

We’ll create a plaque with you for your pet which will be proudly displayed with your tree for many years to come, and invite you along to help us fit it. If you wish, you are welcomed to spread your pet’s ashes amongst the tree’s roots during this time. As your pet’s memorial tree grows, you are welcome to visit on occasions like your pet’s birthday, the anniversary of their passing, or times you’d like to feel closer to your pet.

Why an apple tree? In addition to The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre standing on what used to be an apple orchard, the rabbits and guinea pigs in our care enjoy and benefit from what your tree will provide. The apple tree you’ll plant in memory of your pet will provide apples for the many rabbits and guinea pigs to enjoy as a treat, whilst apple tree twigs will provide a safe way for these furry friends to keep their ever-growing teeth healthy and trim, helping to avoid stressful and expensive oral veterinary treatment. This means that in addition to your pet’s memorial tree meaning so much to you, it will also mean so much to rescued animals in our care; blossoming your pet’s legacy of love.

How it Works

We suggest a minimum donation of £250 per memorial tree plus a £20 payment for the cost of your bespoke plaque.

Included within Your Pet’s Blossoming Legacy: A Memorial for Your Pet:

  • An apple tree on our rescue centre’s grounds that will be uniquely your own; only to be visited by you
  • A plaque that you’ll help design, to honour your pet and be displayed with your pet’s memorial tree for years to come
  • Your invitation to visit The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre to spend time with your pet’s memorial tree throughout the year

There are two buttons below, one for the donation and one for the purchase of your plaque. Please complete both transactions in order for us to complete your apple tree memorial.

Apple trees were generously donated with care by Southern Fruit Trees.

Have a question about Your Pet’s Blossoming Legacy: A Memorial for Your Pet? We hope our most commonly asked questions will help to answer them. You can also call us on 01243 967 111 to find out more. We’re available weekdays from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm. Or email us anytime using the email address below.

Can I Visit My Pet’s Memorial Tree?

Yes, of course. You’re invited to visit your pet’s memorial tree whenever you’d like to feel closer to your pet. Due to the nature of all that we do here at The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre, we kindly ask you to be mindful of your visits and appreciate notice made over the phone or via email.

Can I Remember More Than One Pet With My Memorial Tree?

Absolutely. If you’re remembering multiple pets, please include this on your plaque. If sadly you lose another pet you’d like to remember after you have selected your memorial tree, you are welcome to let us know you’d like to create an updated plaque and visit to scatter ashes around your memorial tree. Any additional donations are greatly appreciated.

How Will My Donation Be Used?

Your donation will be used to support the continuation of our charity operations including the rescuing, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals in need. As a charity without government assisted funding or large corporate sponsors, we rely solely on the generous donations from animal lovers like you to continue helping animals across West Sussex and Hampshire. Public donations have allowed us to help more than 40,000 animals since 1986 and support us in finding forever homes for around 1,000 animals each year!