Loved for Life

What is Loved for Life?

Our promise to be here for your furry friend when you no longer can.

In the event of your passing or going into permanent care, your pet deserves a home that’s as loving and caring as the one they have right now, no matter what.

With The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre’s Loved For Life service, if, or when, the time comes, you can rest assured that your pet will be left in the hands of a dedicated team who will love and care for them as their own. We promise to take your pet in when you’re no longer here to provide them the utmost care for as long as it takes to find them a perfectly matched new home.

How it Works & How To Sign Up Today

With The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre’s Loved For Life service, your pet will be welcomed into our care, provided any vet treatment they need, given nutritious meals plus lots of love and attention, all whilst enjoying the comforts of their own room, kitted out with cosy beds and enriching toys, as we work hard to find them a perfectly matched new home.

Our Loved For Life service is simple to sign up to and free, however many of our supporters choose to leave a gift in their Will to help towards the care of their pet and to support The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre in continuing to be able to be there for pets like yours.

By adding Loved For Life to your Will, this ensures that your Executor is fully aware of your requirements, as your Will is the only official document they must refer to when dealing with your estate. By formally acknowledging Loved For Life in your Will, you’re doing everything possible to safeguard your pet’s future.

How To Apply: 3 Simple Steps

  1. Get in touch with us by telephone or email to inform us of your intention to sign up to our Loved For Life service and to discuss the unique needs of your pet(s).
  2. Complete the included Loved For Life application form in your Loved For Life pack for each pet you’d like to register and return to us by post, email or in person.
  3. Upon application approval, take this guide to your legal adviser and use the suggested wording included when adding Loved For Life to your Will. Please also consider including a gift in your Will to the Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre to help us care for your pet and others in desperate need of help. If you’re happy to do so, please also send a copy of your Will.

“My main concern has always been providing for the future care and security of my beloved cats and bunnies if they should outlive me. Registering them with CRRC’s Loved for Life service is complete peace of mind for me, I can stop worrying now that I know my furbabies will have a happy, healthy and secure future in safe and loving hands. Thank you CRRC for providing this wonderful service!” – Sally

How a gift in your Will to The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre can make a difference

If you’re making plans for the future, we understand it’s especially important to consider who and what you care about most.

Just 1% of what’s left after your loved ones have been provided for can still make a real difference in the lives of animals in need.

Other ways you can help