Sponsor an Animal

Regular donations are so important to us to help us continue the hard work we do to help and support animals in need. The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre’s mission is to give the living a chance at a good life, so we never put a healthy animal to sleep. However, some animals might not be suitable for conventional rehoming as they require a high level of veterinary care, are very old or feral. In these cases, we let them live out their lives surrounded by love on our rescue centre’s 3 acres of space.

Sponsorable ‘out-and-abouter’ cats get to roam freely and get the level of attention they prefer by our loving and dedicated Animal Care Team. Sponsorable rabbits and guinea pigs are bonded with an animal in a similar position and get to enjoy each other’s company in a large pen with plenty of attention from our Animal Care Team, lots of yummy treats and grass.

To be in a position to continue offering a permanent forever home to those that may otherwise never receive it, including lots of warm shelter, nutritious food and veterinary care, we started our sponsor scheme to ask for your support to help give these animals the chance they deserve to enjoy life.

Who Will Your New Sponsored CRRC Animal Be?

Click on our photos to learn more about us! Once you’ve found your purrfect match, click the Become a Sponsor button below.

Looking to give the animal-lover in your life a gift that makes a difference to animals in need? We make it simple and special to give the gift of CRRC sponsorship to your lucky someone!

How It Works

To sponsor a cat or rabbit that calls CRRC its forever home, we kindly suggest a donation of £20 a year. As a sponsor, you’ll receive a letter with a photo of your chosen sponsored animal and our Paws For Thought magazine twice a year!

Please click below to become a sponsor and complete your donation form. To speak to us about sponsoring a CRRC resident as a gift, sponsorship scheme options, or other ways to pay, please email admin@crrc.co.uk

Other Ways You Can Help