The Caravan Kits

Hi everyone! My name is Enzo and I am the handsome black and white boy and these are my siblings Raya and Kobie, but we are affectionately know to the staff as the caravan kits. This is because when we were first let out at The Centre we spent all our time living under the caravan in the back field. Now a days we have moved to living round the front and we can often be seen in the carpark area but we have beds at the front of the house and by the mum and baby unit. We arrived at The Centre as kittens when we were found as strays living on farm. We were not used to human contact and we really struggled in a pen as we were so nervous, after no one came forward to adopt us we were released here and we love it! We always hang out together and our still really close, we don’t want to be touched but we will follow and shout at you for our dinner.

For this sponsorship you will get all three cats as we couldn’t split them! To sponsor the caravan kits it is a minimum sponsorship donation of £40 rather than the £20 for a single sponsorship.