The Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre - Sponsor Coffee and Florrie

Coffee and Florrie

Hey guys! My name is Coffee Crisp and I am a grey and white male rabbit and this is my beautiful grey girlfriend her name is Florentine Biscuit. We both arrived here at CRRC in May 2017 but separately, I arrived because my owner no longer had enough time for me and Florrie owners could no longer look after her due to ill health. We are both older rabbits I was 7 years old when I arrived and Florrie 6 years when she first arrived. The vets noticed I had a few ongoing medical conditions one of these was to do with my breathing and this meant that I could not be put under anesthetic to be neutered. This would mean it would be very difficult for me to bond with another rabbit but I desperately wanted company. Then Florrie arrived and she was perfect, her owners wanted her to stay at CRRC because she was older and they knew she would get lots of love here at the centre. Although I was very humpy to start with, Florrie was always very patient with me, it took much longer than a normal bond but we couldn’t be happier now. We are inseparable, we love each other so much and we love living here and being spoiled.