Margarine & Marmite

Hello my names Marmite and this is my gorgeous girlfriend Margarine, we are both very similar looking but you can tell me apart as I have a black spot on my lip.

We are both 7 years old and unfortunately had to come to the centre as our owners wasn’t well and couldn’t look after us anymore and the centre had gotten a call to say we may be put to sleep obviously everyone here at the centre couldn’t let that happen so they rushed to give us a home.

Unfortunately whilst we’ve been here we haven’t been very well and have had on and off blood in our urine also Margarine managed to hurt her foot so she now has to limp around but is on medication so she can be as comfortable as possible. The vet team and the staff here didn’t think it would be fair to rehome us as we are older and have medical problems so they have given us a wonderful forever home here at the centre, we have our own carpeted pen and a massive garden with all the grass we could wish for.