Rabbit Pen

We dont currently have any resident rabbits, which is great as it means they are all being rehomed! But if you love rabbits why not sponsor Sharon’s Garden, our purpose built rabbit area which includes indoor and outdoor access for the rabbits. When you sponsor Sharon’s garden we will send you a write up and story on one of the current residents which we will update every few months. See below for the residents who are the current sponsors while they look for heir forever home

Hi there, my name is Cannelloni and I am a female rab and this is my brother Rigatoni and we are both 3 years old. This is our second time here at the centre, we were here originally in 2018, but had to be returned again recently as due to ill health our owner was unable to look after us anymore. We are both very inquisitive rabbits, and we’re always hopping over to see what you’re up to, and giving you a sniff if you’re sitting in with us. We’re not keen on being picked up, however if you spend time with us (and maybe give us a little treat or two!) we will let you stroke us on our heads. The more handling time spent with us, the more relaxed we are becoming, and the staff are seeing a lot of progress with us. We are looking for a patient and experience rabbit owner, who has the time to spend and interact with us.