Golden Oldies


Older cats can make great companions and often love to spend their time at home on a warm lap enjoying your company they will also stay closer to home rather than roaming.  

Cats can live to late teens and older so still have many years to give still enjoying playtime too.

Unfortunately these cats are quite often overlooked due to their age.

Our Golden Oldies range from 10 years of age upwards as you will see some of these cats are for adoption and some will come under our Foster Care Scheme.

We understand that there are concerns of illnesses and veterinary costs.  Therefore CRRC are prepared to rehome all cats over 14 years of age and any cats with ongoing medical conditions under our Foster Care Scheme which will provide ongoing support and veterinary care for you and your cat.

Indoor Cats – As cats can be very independent we believe that they should not only enjoy the comforts of their own home but be able to wander outside if they choose.  Because of this it is quite rare that we have cats that need be rehomed to live indoors only.  Cats that we can consider are either the elderly that may be content with just indoor space or those that may have a medical condition which does not allow them to go outside.  If you are looking for an indoor cat then please read through carefully as we will mention within their write up if they are able to live indoors.

If you are interested in adopting one of our golden oldies please email and in the subject heading please enter GOLDEN OLDIE REHOMING, give your name, address and telephone number and we will contact you as soon as we can.  If you are unable to email then please call 01243 641409 between 9.00am and 12.00 noon Monday to Friday – We look forward to hearing from you.

If you are considering one of our Golden Oldies that come under our Foster Care Scheme you will need to take the following into account before applying:-

  • Any animal that may need veterinary treatment will need to visit our vet here at the Centre – please consider travelling time
  • Visits are currently restricted to one morning per week normally being a Tuesday however due to the current situation (COVID19) visits are being carried out on a Thursday morning unless there is a condition of a more serious nature and then we will accommodate these animals at our own local vet practice
  • We are unable to cover costs at another veterinary practice
  • We do not provide an out of hours emergency service

Please read more about our foster care scheme here. 

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