Sponsor an Animal Pen

Here at The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre, we have over 50 indoor cat pens and 20 specialised new arrivals pens amongst other animal accommodation at our rescue centre, all designed for the utmost care and comfort of furry friends needing our help.

Every year, each one of our many animal pens provide safety, comfort and enrichment to around 15 unwanted, abandoned, or neglected animals that will call them their temporary home.

Your sponsorship means so much to The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre and the animals lovingly cared for here. Not only will you be helping to provide rescued animals nutritious food, comforting bedding, stimulating toys and vital veterinary care, you’ll be providing hope to a rescued animal whilst they wait to find the loving, forever home all animals deserve.

That’s why we’re excited to offer something more personal to you as a rescue animal supporter.

When you become a sponsor of an animal pen at The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre, you can commemorate your support by creating your own plaque which will be proudly displayed on your sponsored pen. We welcome you to join us in fitting your plaque, when you’ll get to say hello to one of the many furry faces who will be calling the pen you sponsor home until they are adopted.

At the end of each year, we’ll send you details of the many cats, rabbits and guinea pigs who have been lovingly cared for from the comfort of your sponsored pen and ask if you’d like to continue to sponsor your pen for another year.

We suggest a minimum annual sponsorship donation of £50.

Included when you decide to Sponsor An Animal Pen:

  • Your opportunity to create a plaque to commemorate your sponsorship – you choose what you’d like to call your pen; whether that be after you, in memory of someone, or a fun pen name
  • Your invitation to visit The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre to join us in fitting your plaque on the door of your sponsored pen and say hello to the furry friend currently calling it home
  • An annual update issued at point of renewal to share about the animals you have helped through your sponsorship and about who is staying in your sponsored pen at the time of writing