This auction is for a lovely Assist Hybrid Electric Bike. This bike has been hardly used and is still in perfect condition, comes with everything you need to get going straight away.

The Assist Hybrid Electric Bike is the perfect commuting companion. With just one turn on the pedals you will be able to ride up hills and against the strongest winds, like they did not even exist. The bike has a 12 point pick up that means the motor is more sensitive to the turn of the pedals and will kick the power in quicker.

Depending on the terrain and the rider’s weight you can travel up to an average range 10-15 miles (max 20 miles)*  on one charge and only charge back up in 2-3 hours. Also, there is a walking mode feature that will help you push the bike up a path or if its fully loaded with shopping. When it comes to hop on hop off city traveling, the Assist is the perfect bike

RRP: £549

Kindly Donated by Sean & Tracey