This auction is a for a lovely Osprey BMX scooter in great condition as only used a couple of times. It feautures adjustable handlebars which can extend from 88cm to 96cm, catering to adult scooters as well as growing kids.

RRP: £99.99 (Kindly donated by Sean)

The Osprey Blue BMX Scooter is a great all-purpose scooter! Boasting a solid construction, the BMX is a completely different scooter from your regular freestyle street scooter. This product has been put through its paces in Haldon Forest, Devon by two of our finest Osprey Team Riders and was given 5 stars on all counts!The BMX scooter strikes a great balance between the maneuverability of a scooter and the all-terrain coverage of a bike. This scooter also comes complete with a steel deck and frame to ensure the scooter is durable enough to withstand high impact scooting as well as a handy kickstand that makes it easy to store when not in use for extra longevity.With large, spoked front and rear wheels the BMX scooter is well equipped to handle rough terrain and easily roll over grass or worn-down paths. It also features front and rear caliper brakes ensuring you can safely handle speeds that would be out of reach for run of the mill scooters.