Volunteer Position – Animal Assistant

Volunteers are a part of the beating heart of our charity and without your help we would not be able to continue to assist all the animals we support.

The Animal Assistant volunteer role is only available in the afternoons. As an Animal Assistant Volunteer for us your general responsibilities will be to:
• Assist the animal care staff with their daily tasks – Including anything from sanitizing pens to helping with paperwork.
• Handle cats, rabbit and guinea pig to improve their socialization – The most shy and nervous animals are the ones that need your time the most, even it may just be sitting next to them and let them come to you. You will normally provide socialization to 6 pens per shift.
• Help the animal care staff in the sluice room – This is not the most glamorous job, but what comes in must come out.

As a volunteer you must:
• Provide us times that you are available to volunteer weekly or monthly and always be on time – it is important to us that you are available at the same time slots continuously.
• Abide by our confidentiality and health and safety policies.

If you are interested volunteering with us, please fill out an application form below.