Gender: Male
Come/s as a: Single
Age: 14 Years
Can live with: Only Pet
Child Friendly: No Children
Date Arrived: November 2023

About Me

Hi there, my name is Winston the very large black and white boy and I am 14 years old.

I came to the centre in November as I had become stressed in the home due to the young children.

I’m a nice boy really, but have found centre life very scary and stressful, so I do have the tendency to lash out as I feel very threatened here! I will often be hidden behind my blanket, but will generally come out to greet people, or warn them off with some slaps on their legs when they try to come in to see me!! I am slowly becoming braver and settling a little, now that I know the staff, and I may give you my cute little meows and some slow blinks but I’m still really not sure about the whole environment. Food is the way to my heart though (as my size gives away) and when the staff come to feed me, then I’ll let them give me some head strokes.

I would be best suited to a nice quite home where I would get lots of quality time to help me become a confident boy again. I will also need a very patient owner who understands that I do need my own space and may sometimes give you a smack if you push your luck, but hopefully once back in a home I’ll revert to the friendly lad I truly am. I seemed to prefer men more in my previous home so may be better suited to a man owner. I’ve never been outside before so I always seemed keen to do so in my former home, so it would be nice to have the chance now.

I am on the centre’s part foster scheme temporarily for 6 months as I do have a white blood cell abnormality, the staff can explain this in more detail to you if you are interested in me.

Will you give me a chance?




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