Gender: Male
Come/s as a: Single
Age: 3 years
Can live with: Only Pet
Child Friendly: Children Years 10+
Date Arrived: April 2024

About Me

Hello! My name is Kendrick the super cute fluffy black boy you can see and I am 2 years old.

I came to the centre in April as I had been living as a stray for many months and thought it was time to find a home. I did then find one, but sadly wasn’t getting on with the other cat in the home so had to be returned recently.

I’m a very sweet boy but can be a little shy to begin with so will normally be hiding behind my bed or a blanket, I may also give you a little hiss but I never mean it and I am actually a very cute young man. If you sit with me and put your hand out towards me I will soon dart out for you to stroke me and will push my head in to your hand for more fuss and attention. Once I am comfortable with people I really do love a good fuss. But I can also be a cheeky boy and will swipe or nip at you when I’ve had enough and wish to be given space. Being a stray and having to struggle to find food, I can sometimes get a bit grumpy when I’m hungry and I’m always on the hunt for food and never fulfilled. Hopefully once I get more into a regular routine of being fed and I realise I don’t have to scavenge for it anymore, I’ll settle down with that.

As I can be a little shy around new people and don’t really like loud noises I would be better suited to a home with older or no children, and as an only pet. I would really like to find a nice calm home where I would have time to come round and gain my confidence.

Will you give me a chance? 



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