Big Rick & Javid

Gender: Male
Come/s as a: Pair
Age: 3yrs 9mths & 2yrs 6mths
Can live with: Dog Friendly
Child Friendly: Children Years 8+
Date Arrived: December 2023

About Me

Hello there, I know what you’re thinking… who are those handsome cats? Well its me Big Rick the black cat who is just under 4 years old and this is my best friend in the whole world Javid who is 2 and a half. We both came to the centre in December as we had been rescued from Oman on the search for our forever home.

We are both big characters and full of energy, you will probably hear Javid before you see him as he is a bit of a talker and likes to remind everyone that he is still here and as soon as he see’s you he will be straight over to say hello but not if I get there first! We both love people and love to have as much fuss as possible and will push each other out of the way for some strokes and kisses. We both love each other very much and you will often find us snuggled up in our bed together or you will see me pushing in to Javid so he knows to give me a cuddle.

We have been at the centre a while now as we were a bit poorly when arriving, Javid had a previous eye injury before arriving here so has been having a course of eye treatments. His eye has improved a lot but our vet would like him to continue having eye meds when he goes home just to ensure it continues to improve, he would need to come back here and see our vet but hopefully it wouldn’t be something he needs to stay on long term. When I arrived it was pretty obvious to the staff that I had flu as I was very snotty and was a bit wheezy, I have had treatment for my flu which means I am a lot better and no longer need medication but I am a flu carrier which means I do still get a bit snotty from time to time and will be a bit sneezy but again this will be covered under the centres foster scheme. We have picked up a few bad behaviour’s here at the centre as we have become quite stressed and dont like being around the other cats, Javid will every now and again spray in the corner of our pen but he never used to do this and it is becoming less frequent now we are on calming care so hopefully when we go to a home he will stop. I have also started to overgroom slightly but again this is just because I am getting stressed so should stop when I go home.

We can’t wait to find our forever home as we are becoming more stressed as the weeks go on here at the centre, we would love to find a home we can call our own where we would eventually have lots of room to explore and will have people around to give us lots of love and affection. We would be fine living with a dog but would prefer slightly older children as we can be quite full on to begin with.

Will you give us a chance?




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